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About us

If you hear the sounds of Ireland pouring out of an American pub in a raucous style, you're very likely listening to The Nackers. This Los Angeles, CA based quintet has performed regularly for the last twenty years and has headlined in venues including Santa Barbara, San Francisco, San Diego and New Orleans. Articles have appeared in The Los Angeles Times, The Pasadena Weekly, The Irish American Press and The Irish News praising the band. In March of 1998, the Nackers held the spotlight on KTLA's morning news program, where they performed and promoted their CD.

Produced by industry-renowned John Chamberlin, The Nackers three recordings, Bound for Ireland, A Little Traveling Music Please, and Roolya Boolya are available in several Irish import shops and can be heard on Los Angeles, CA based "The Irish Hour" radio show. They consist of both traditional and original Irish music. The band is led by Kyle Dennison (vocals, guitar, banjolin, harmonicas), legendary Tim Williams on drums, Amanda Johnson (guitar, banjo, mandolin), Pat Mitchell (bass) and Mary Barton (fiddle). 

The Nackers experience takes the audience back to Ireland with old pub favorites, while the band's original music is a refreshing combination of Irish folk and rock, altogether creating a lively environment for dancing, listening, singing and having a good time.